What’s the Matter? Materiality and Materialism at the Age of Computation

Paper Title: In the state of 'Becoming' , pp. 769-780
Status: Conference, Publication
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Published: Barcelona, 2014, EAAE, ENHSA
ISBN 978-960-89320-6-7



Paper Title: DEBRIDEMENT - Designing Systemic Networks, pp. 151-164
Status: Conference, Publication
Location: Munster, Germany
Published: Munster, 2012, EAAE, ENHSA
ISBN 978-2-93030158-7



Rethinking the human

Paper Title:Systemic Interactions, pp. 211-226
Status: Conference, Publication
Location: Chania, Greece
Published: Chania, 2011, EAAE, ENHSA
ISBN 978-2-930301-53-2



La Biennale di Venezia 2010

Essay for the book-catalogue of Greek Participation for the 12th International Architectural Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2010, The Ark, Old Seeds for New Cultures
Essay Title: ProSeeding, The process of seeding as a machine for architecture, pp.416-426
Status: Publication
Published: Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climatic change and University of Thessaly Press
ISBN 978-960-9439-04-6