The New Tower of London

Cultural And Event Centre at the Tower Of London


Natassa Lianou & Ermis Chalvatzis

Cultural and Event Centre

10,000 sqm

London, UK

The Wilmotte Foundation

Status:International Competition











The ‘New Tower of London’ proposes a new tower which becomes a new iconic landmark which changes the skyline of London and marks the historic Tower of London area. It highlights the new cultural centre of London through a contemporary architectural solution. The concept of the 55m tower is based on the idea of the Royal Crown and the Royal crown jewels which consist the main exhibit of the tower of London.

We propose a tower which generates a ground-network with canopies, extending from the north of the site till it reaches south the Thames River. The glass ‘skirt’ which is extending out of the Tower, creates an indoor space where the reception and the event areas sits and due to the openness and the transparency of the glass ‘skirt’ visitors have direct view to the Historic tower of London. In that context we create a semi- indoor / semi- outdoor promenade from north to south where people can circulate or sit at the outdoor area with view of the Tower of London at east or can shop at the shops which stand as small gem-stones at the west or discover the new Tower where the exhibition areas, the library and the classroom are or reach to the top floor where the restaurant is and have a great overview of the Historic Tower of London in combination with current London’s skyline. Finally, people can continue their promenade south under the canopies and either enter to Tower of London from the middle tower (where the existing entrance is) or continue to the new Thames river pier where they can find the cafeteria and take the boat to continue their trip to London through the river.