Chicago BRT Iconic stations design


Natassa Lianou & Ermis Chalvatzis

BRT Stations

160 sqm per station

Chicago, USA

Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago Architectural Club in partnership with the Chicago Department of Transportation, the Chicago Transit Authority, and the Chicago Bus Rapid Transit Steering Committee

International Competition, Chicago, 2013
Exhibited: Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago, Illinois 60604, USA

Honourable Mention 2013 Burnham Prize












KINESIS project, proposes dynamic and iconic light weight structures which land into the city of Chicago and create unique stations for the new BRT network. Since Chicago has a rich architectural and innovative engineering heritage, the BRT stations must consist contemporary statements of Chicago 's on-going evolution. Thus, the design is inspired from the speed and fluidity of contemporary urban life, while it presents a signature statement and brand identity of the BRT operation into Chicago streets.

The structure is consisted from the solid platform/ground, the roof/tensile membrane and the in-between glazing stripe, where these three elements blend together to produce extra features such as seating areas, ticket turnstiles, landscape. Everything is connected and integrated into a unique design language. Through the use of tensile membrane, which flows above and around the station, we achieve big-span capacity allowing maximum areas for passengers to be sheltered and protected from weather conditions.